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Trees of Laffy Taffy

It’s so old.
Its so old. Games. Pretend. I’ll show him what it feels like…. I did. Go me.
Its old.
I left the first one because he couldn’t grow up. Second…… stuck as an adolescent. What is it? My mental age does not equal my physical age. Ok…… so….. I have to put up with utter stupidity? I guess (sigh). I’m actually quite mature. I do like to have a good time though. Who doesnt!? Oh….. lots of folks.
Even adolescents. Those that don’t know how to turn it off and back on. There is a time and a place for everything. It’s called social skills. They teach those to the special needs kids. Life skills. Too bad they don’t attempt those with everyone. It’s called a personality disorder!
When you’re 40….. that’s what it is. A personality disorder. But that’s ok! It’s not going to hurt you! Just everyone you come in contact with. You will never know it’s there. You will fight to the death that it isn’t!    You are right…… the sky is made of cotton candy. The trees of Laffy Taffy. The grass of Big League Chew. It’s all fun and games……. oh, to be in your world….


The balance

It happened. I couldn’t control it. Well… I probably could have, but I refused to hold back. it was in my face. Again. I’m sick of it. I have asked. I have asked. I have asked. I have manipulated. I have threatened. I have promised. I have never kept the promise….but I was prepared to. I have reached my limit. The question was asked if me tonight- “so, I am supposed to love you and all your flaws, but you don’t love mine?”
Great point. And an epiphany came to me. Each person has a balance with their significant other. All the exes are those that we decided….”oh no. I can’t take that. Im out”!  The “currents” are those that have not reached the threshold yet, but are quickly approaching.  The “balance” is the marriage that lasts.

Wake up.

This morning I sat in bed. I wrote to you. I explained to you how I felt, and told you that it wasn’t your fault. I wrote for over an hour as I cried and poured out my feelings. Then as it came to a close, I began to imagine your reaction. What would it be? When would it be? Where would I be when it happened? Even though I don’t know your reaction…. I know enough to know what mine would be in return. Another ruined day. Another day of my children seeing me miserable, unhappy, and lifeless.

Another day of numbness because I have become the dogs of Pavlov. I deleted the letter. Now I’m sitting here. Emotionless.

I’m choking myself down. He doesn’t even have to respond. He doesn’t even have to read it. He doesn’t have to be bothered with this. Or me.
I am doing it to myself.
He thinks I’m happy go lucky when he’s not here. He thinks I’m all mani, pedi, and lunch with friends, carefree and living life.
But in reality, it’s 11 am on Sunday, and I’m still in bed. Crying. Scared to move.

Wake up.

Day 1…. am I a blogger now?

Ha ha ha. This is what I do I guess… get overwhelmed and shut down. I have been thinking for years that a blog would be a great exercise…. for my brain. So here we go. Let me introduce myself…. and for safety… I will use a fake name…. hm…. how about Faith, because that’s what I’m running on most of the time.  I have two children, and two step children. I am married, hence the step children, and live in a small town. I work, exercise, and basically  live life… although sometimes it seems there is more to it. 

.So, I’m married for the second time…. it’s challenging to say the least. Marriage is hard enough. And then some people decide they need another one. If you have children…. you still have to deal with the first husband… so you actually didn’t get rid of him…. you just get him part time. Then you, if you’re like me, get another…. because you’re a glutton for punishment. Then he comes with his own baggage for you to manage….. life just keeps pouring it on! Unless of course, your ex dies just as you decide you want out. Or you manage to find a wonderful new man who comes with no carry ons…. good luck ladies!

Basically, life is tough. And keeps handing you those lemons…. you just have to figure out how to keep enough sugar on hand….. 48c8933091227327cb5652ecc92050b6